My name is Jihad Yazigi and I am a journalist covering Syria’s economic affairs. I edit and publish The Syria Report website (www.syria-report.com) since October 2001.

This blog is a compilation of articles in English, French and Arabic I published on the Syrian economy since late 2011 in various online and print publications. These articles are mainly in the form of commentary and analysis pieces; if you are looking for data and statistics you will need to visit The Syria Report (a subscription service) or other resources. If you are not interested in Syria, its economy or its political economy don’t waste too much time on this blog.

A bit more on me: I was born in 1971 and I am married with two children. I have lived/studied/worked in Ghana, Nigeria, France, the UK, Indonesia, Syria and Lebanon. I belong, though, to Syria.

I entirely support the great Syrian revolution and the struggle of the Syrian people for a better, fairer, freer and more dignified life. For me, as for many other Syrians, the first few months of the revolution were a time of intense excitement and hope. Events in Syria since the fall of 2012 have gone much more complex but I, as well as many others, hope, and try to ensure, that as many as possible of our ideals matter when the time of rebuilding our country comes.

I have also tried to ensure that my commitment to the revolution impacts as little as possible my judgement and my writing. Forgive me if I don’t always succeed in that.

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